DJ Sneak

DJ Sneak Talks Tough Off Twitter, Too

The Chicago house producer won't suffer fools, even for the Rave Curious Podcast.

This week's Rave Curious podcast features the house gangster himself, DJ Sneak. The Chicago icon has deep roots in the city's house music culture, learning his craft both in the club and behind the counter at the city's legendary Gramaphone Records. He has also become known in recent years as one of the outspoken DJs on Twitter, defending his old school ethics against the rise of EDM's alternative set of musical values. He's also occasionally tangled with peers like Seth Troxler over BBQ and other beef.

But outside the online hype, Sneak is purist when it comes to the art of DJing. "Even when I'm sleeping, I'm mixing in my head," the 25-year veteran told Rave Curious. No wonder a new generation is getting turned on to his thumping, bumping, looping house sound. Learn what Sneak thinks about Beatport, beefing, and his endless supply of blunts on this episode of Rave Curious podcast.

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