Cassy Dug Deep Into the Heart of Techno and Instead Found Soul

The European techno favorite talks about the challenges of getting funky.

As the daughter of an Austrian mother and Barbadian father, raised in Vienna with a British passport, the appeal of Cassy as an international DJ has always matched her own global upbringing. Yet in practice, the DJ born Catherine Britton's experience as a resident DJ at Panorama Bar has led many to associate her single-handedly with the underground Berlin scene of the early 2000s. That's about to change, with a new album titled Donna, that breaks free of the conventional European techno tropes and replaces them with rich Americanized soul music.

"Do I have the courage to be a soulful musician?" she asks herself on the Rave Curious Podcast, in a conversation that touches on her multicultural upbringing, the salad days of Berlin's minimal techno scene, and her current quest for a (semi-)permanent home.

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