DJ Garth

The Wicked Crew founder fought to bring acid house to SF.

How a group of British expats helped bridge the gap between the Bay Area's hippy burnout and Silicon Valley's online explosion.

DJ Garth is one-quarter of Wicked Soundsystem, the legendary San Francisco crew of British expats that brought UK acid house to the Bay Area at the dawn of the 90s.

Along with Jeno, Marky and Thomas, Garth pioneered the full moon party scene in Northern Cali before hitting the road in a vintage Greyhound bus and a massive purple Turbosound system to carry the gospel, first to Burning Man, then across the West Coast.

Today, Garth lives in Los Angeles. He discusses the move south, how things came together in the early days of Wicked, how the faithful are still following the crew 25 years later, and why the Bay Area rave scene gave birth to a little thing we call the Internet.

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