Steve Rachmad (Sterac)

The Dutch master on 25 years of untainted techno.

Dutch DJ Steve Rachmad is one of Holland's original techno producers. He's also one of the truest in term of his undiluted commitment to the music in its original Detroit-manufactured form. No wonder he carries with him a "Detroit pass" like fellow European greats Laurent Garnier, Maurizio and Luke Slater.

Whether making and playing music as Sterac (his harder techno alias), Tons of Tones (his most Detroit-sounding records) or as his own groovy self, the Amsterdam fixture continues to move crowds after more than 25 behind the decks. 

He talks about his early discovery of pre-techno electronic music, his close call with Dutch hardcore and his ambition to play live...someday, all on this episode of Rave Curious.

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