Tommie Sunshine & Cornelius Harris (UR)

Tommie Sunshine Is Trying To Fix The World

The DJ is ready to revolt and Underground Resistance's label manager gets real about race.

This week's episode of the Rave Curious Podcast goes beyond the usual dance music discussions and tries to tackle some serious issues facing the world in 2016 with two of the scene's most outspoken individuals, Tommie Sunshine and Underground Resistance label manager Cornelius Harris.

Tommie Sunshine is an American rave icon with a 25-year history as a DJ, producer and provocateur. He's also something of an oddity in his ability to move easily between the underground scene and mainstream EDM industry as an unparalleled authority on all things dance music. In conversation, he veers from drugs and art to club culture's attempts to overthrowing the system—or as he put it "solving the world's problems." It's one of the most enthusiastic Rave Curious chats to date.

We also speak with Cornelius Harris, the label manager of Detroit's legendary independent techno label Underground Resistance, regarding the recent debate about race triggered by techno pioneer Juan Atkins' outspoken objections to The DJ List, as well as Harris' own concern about how Detroit's unheralded artists are portrayed in the media.

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