Paul Oakenfold & Mikey Lion

Paul Oakenfold Learned About Ibiza Because of a World Famous Drag Queen

Plus a chat with Mikey Lion of Desert Hearts on the eve of their next 72-hour session.

When the books are written about the history of acid house—and there have been several already—one key fact seems to elude authors as they regurgitate the old story of how Paul Oakenfold and friends visited Ibiza, took some ecstasy, and came back to kick off the Summer of Love.

"I was working for a record company and they want [John Waters conspirator] Divine," he tells the Rave Curious podcast. "That's how I really discovered Ibiza."

The rest, as they say, is history, with Oakenfold returning to London to bring that white island magic to the UK. From there he rocketed to the top of the DJ hierarchy, first working with Madchester stars the Happy Mondays, and eventually opening for U2 and Madonna on stadium tours. You even have Oakie to thank for the Las Vegas DJ craze, which he may have started in 2008 with a weekly gig at The Palms.

Throughout it all, he's seen a lot and shares plenty on the Rave Curious Podcast, including his new Generations concept, celebrating 30 years of UK club culture and his new residency in an American city you'd probably never guess. Find out by pressing play.

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