Kate Simko

Why Kate Simko Took a Break From Techno to Learn Classical Composition

She talks new project with the London Electronic Orchestra on a new episode of the Rave Curious podcast.

After years of textured electronic production, Kate Simko's shifting gears a bit with her new project, Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra. The album sees the Chicago-bred, London-based DJ-producer set aside her synthesizers and compose music for an ensemble of classically trained musicians who turn what might have been techno compositions into something entirely new. And while lots of electronic producers try their hand at other genres—rock, jazz, etc.—few have the qualifications of Simko, who took an extended break from her successful career releasing dancefloor fillers for labels like Spectral Sound, Leftroom, and Get No.19 Music to studio classical composition at the esteemed London's Royal Music College.

"I was at DC10, and I realized it wasn't my dream," Simko tells Rave Curious of her decision to pump the brakes on a prosperous DJ career and delve into the world of classical music. The result is both an exciting new record and a reinvigorated love of dance music. Hear her inspiring story on this episode of the Rave Curious Podcast.

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