Jesse Rose

Jesse Rose Wishes More DJs Would Retire

The beloved selector explains his own decision to call it quits on this week's Rave Curious.

By pretty much any standard, the life of a successful DJ is a good one. Sure, social media is perpetually flooded with DJs complaining, but the cons of long flights, lost luggage and logistical meltdowns pale in comparison to the pros of global travel, VIP accommodations and endless afterparties. Oh yeah, and getting to share music with adoring fans around the world ain't a bad deal either. It's little wonder why once most DJs reach the upper echelon, they'll be damned if they'll let go.

Which is why it was so surprising the DJ/producer/label head Jesse Rose announced his intention to end his enviable career following his final album, Alright Mate, and a 2017 full of gigs at the best clubs and festivals in the world. But as he reveals on the Rave Curious podcast, Rose isn't the only successful DJ who considers calling it quits after multiple decades behind the decks.

"Half the DJs who have been playing for so long would love to retire but they don't because they're earning a great living and traveling around the world," Rose reveals before explaining the fundamental problem with this evergreen DJ mentality. "It's actually a bad thing. New kids coming up with passion and excitement is what got us into dance music to begin with."

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