Honey Dijon

Honey Dijon Dishes On the Essence of DJing, Canada, and Being a Trans Person In a Gay World

Next on the Rave Curious podcast, Josh and the New York-via-Chicago DJ dig deep.

The Rave Curious Podcast continues to engage the world's best DJs in open and honest conversations about the life behind the beats. In Episode 003, host Joshua Glazer spend a beautiful summer afternoon in a Berlin park with New York via Chicago DJ Honey Dijon. Having witnessed house music in its infancy as an inappropriately young clubber in the Windy City, Honey connects with the crowd on a level few DJs can match. Those spiritual interactions have brought her to a global audience of underground faithful who fall for the fabulous DJ's as much as her record selection. No wonder the worlds of fashion and clubbing are both at her command.

Josh and Honey dig deep into what it means to be a DJ, while also gabbing about the importance of shoe-spotting (it really does matter). They also discuss Honey's new path as a producer and why exactly Canada has a vibe all its own.

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