Gorgon City & Rudimental

Fighting Off Hangovers With Gorgon City and Rudimental

The Rave Curious podcast catches up with the British bands, plus former Beatport CEO Matt Adell talks breaking capitalism.

When two of the hottest bands leading the UK electronic scene hit the road together, even a Monday night is alright for a party. Rave Curious spoke with Gorgon City and Rudimental, a pair of acts continuing the grand tradition of energetic electronica live bands—first exemplified by Roni Size and The Prodigy in the late '90s. We sat down in their Los Angeles hotel room for a quick chat in the midst of a seemly endless string of parties, travel and more parties. Thing start sluggish as the guy shake off the cobwebs of another sleepless night, but soon our conversation kick into gear as coffee and beer come to save the day.

Also on the podcast, former Beatport CEO Matt Adell talks about his new remix platform, Metapop, and takes a long hard look at the current state of the American electronic music industry. "Dance music is one of the things we've seen capitalism break in our lifetime," he says, referring to the bursting EDM bubble, of which Beatport and it's bankrupt corporate parent company SFX are the prime example. Matt doesn't pull punches when it comes to his former employer, but he clearly does know how to move on from it.

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