Eric Cloutier

Eric Cloutier Opens Up About His Past Life as a Forum Moderator and Internet Troll

The Detroit-Berlin techno traveler now makes musical waves.

Like many DJs of his generation, Eric Cloutier came out of the 90s Detroit rave scene and migrated east. He first went to New York, where he became a resident at influential club night The Bunker, and then made the pilgrimage to Berlin, and currently uses that city as a home base for a growing calendar of international DJ gigs. The German city also acts as inspiration towards his fledgling production career, which culminates this month in his first full EP, Heuristic, on his own Palinioa label. The record encapsulates Cloutier's DJ sound that's made him a fan favorite in places across the world: heady psychedelics secured by a locked-in techno groove.

Cloutier recently sat down with Rave Curious at his flat in Berlin on a late Sunday night/early Monday morning to talk about his current life as a traveling DJ, as well as his past in the Detroit techno scene, where in addition spinning music he spent years as a moderator on the legendary Detroitluv message board, where the policy was "If you wanna start that drama, you made that bed."

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