Chrissy Isn't Afraid To Name and Shame

The Smart Bar resident lights up the illicit underground on this episode of the Rave Curious Podcast

As product of the Midwest rave scene, Chrissy has seen his share of sketchiness—from gunplay in Kansas City to troubles on the road in England with DJ Rashad. He admits that the underground environment through much of dance music's history can be a beacon for bad players eager to take advantage of the PLUR.

"They were homophobic, and they were misogynistic and they didn't really like the music. They were show up to score ecstasy, or meth, realistically," he says of the crowd the came to many a Midwest party in the 90s. He goes on to rally against the outlaw elements that encourages bad business deals and dangerous venues. The latter of which, sadly took lives in Oakland, including producer Nackt, whose posthumous release just dropped on Chrissy's Nite Owl Diner label.

Chrissy recalls his friend and shines a light on raving's corrupt underbelly on this episode of the Rave Curious Podcast.

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