Baikal Proves How Hard It Is to Quit Techno

On this episode of Rave Curious we talk about his Maeve label with Mano Le Tough and The Drifter—we're glad he stuck around.

It seems like every producer eventually moves to Berlin, but Baikal might be the only one to do so while taking time off from his musical career. Having achieved some success under the name Mark August with releases for Innervisions, the Dutch producer needed a break—and decided that decamping to Germany was the way to do it. He couldn't stay out of the game for too long though, and he's recently begun releasing music on the Maeve label that he co-runs with fellow Innversions colleagues Mano Le Tough and The Drifter.

He joins Rave Curious this week to chat about that period of indecision and how his current output has earned him gigs around the city's network of world class clubs, including Panorama Bar, Renate and ://about blank. It has also seen him take his heady-yet-emotional style of techno to all the inhabitable continents. Not bad for an artist who considered calling it quits altogether not long ago.

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